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"Your Opportunity - Found!"

What do we mean when we say: 

"Your Opportunity - Found!"

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Golden Years Design Benefits, Inc. is a innovation leader in the insurance industry. As the market has changed over the years we have continually invested in the tools and resources needed to succeed. 


Golden Years Design Benefits, Inc. has created a new opportunity in the industry by partnering with and tapping into the power of JLS Marketing Concepts, JLS Sales Academy and JLS Thrive.


By utilizing the combined resources of this partnership we are able to provide our agents with the most innovative and powerful training and lead management tools available in the senior market.


Combine our training and tools with the full suite of products that we utilize and it allows our representatives to engage agents directly with innovative abilities and concepts not found elsewhere.


The 21st century beckons. Join the marketplace revolution today by learning how to utilize and share these systems on the road to success!