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The Golden Years Story

Golden Years Design Benefits, the premier Medigap and Medicare insurance agency in Freehold, NJ, is dedicated to helping you acquire the health care coverage and Part D plan prescription drug coverage you need to stay happy and healthy—well into your golden years. They offer numerous products from multiple insurance carriers to better benefit each customer. And they have the experience and expertise necessary to guide you through the confusing Medicare enrollment process and help you understand the ins and outs of Medicare supplement insurance.

Golden Years Design Benefits can help you choose an appropriate Medicare supplement policy to cover additional medical costs, such as copays for doctor visits and hospitalization deductibles. Some of the solutions they offer include the Medicare Advantage Plan, with low copays, deductibles, and zero dollar premiums in some areas, and Medicare Part D, Medicare's prescription drug program, which covers generic and name brand pharmaceuticals.

In addition, they can recommend other types of financial instruments to seniors. For instance, you may want long-term care coverage, which protects those who develop a chronic illness or disabilities. If you have dependents or existing mortgage or debt obligations, life insurance becomes an important consideration. The experts at Golden Years Design Benefits can walk you through your options—such as final expense, term life, or whole life insurance—and answer any questions you have.

Their guiding principle is to take the confusion out of Medicare and to help clients understand what is available, what it costs, and what makes sense for their future financial goals and estate planning requirements. The staff will explain how and where to sign up and escort you through all the necessary steps to get the coverage you need.

Golden Years Design Benefits is the most trusted and experienced Medicare broker in Freehold, NJ. Serving Monmouth, Mercer, and Ocean Counties, they offer impeccable customer service and high-quality insurance products from reputable providers. For your convenience, you can request a free quote directly from their website, or call (732) 526-7659 to speak to an informed expert about your Medicare needs.

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